Other Services - Business, Commercial and Rental Insurance and more...

In addition to specializing in personal insurance for homeowners and automobile insurance for Florida drivers, Cowart Insurance Agency will seek out the protection you need for all the rest of your most valued assets.

Business & Commercial Insurance

Our independent agents will tap into an extensive network of insurance providers to compare policies for commercial insurance needs and small businesses.

We’ll consult with you to assess your situation before developing a plan of action, and then we’ll compare custom insurance policies from multiple providers in order to get you the best coverage for the best price.

Rental Insurance

Whether you are renting a home, an apartment or a condo, you need Rental Insurance. In fact, many landlords require it in their rental or lease agreement. The good news is that Renters Insurance from Cowart Insurance is extremely affordable. And it offers a lot of protection for a very small monthly premium.

Personal Property - Rental Insurance covers just about everything you own, like your clothes, electronics, furniture, etc. But Rental Insurance doesn’t just protect your valuables at home. The rental coverage follows you wherever you go -- business trip, vacation, trip to the store or anywhere else, for that matter. So if your laptop is stolen at a coffee shop you get a replacement. It’s as simple as that.

Liability - One of the most valuable features of a Rental Insurance Policy is its liability protection. That’s because it shields you from liability lawsuits. So if someone accidentally slips and falls on your rental property, if a neighbor’s child gets hurt playing with your child, or if someone in your rental unit accidentally starts a kitchen fire, for example, you’re Rental Insurance will not only defend you in court, but will pay any claims awarded by a court, up to the limits on your policy. Now that’s peace of mind!

Vehicles in Parking Lot - That’s right; Rental Insurance also covers your vehicles in the parking lot. This means that if they are damaged in a storm or vandalized, for instance, your Rental Insurance Policy will reimburse you for the damages. The vehicle doesn’t even have to be parked in your rental community to be covered. Vehicle damage can occur anywhere at anytime, at the gas station, grocery store, shopping mall, etc.

Replacement Coverage or Actual Cash Value - With Rental Insurance you have the option to choose replacement coverage or actual cash value. With replacement coverage, Rental Insurance will pay the actual cost minus depreciation for covered claims.  On the other hand, an actual cash value Rental Insurance Policy provides the actual cash cost to replace lost or stolen items at current market price regardless of how long you owned the item.

You can get all this protection with a Rental Insurance policy from Cowart Insurance at a very affordable price. Simply fill in the form on the right and get a free rental insurance quote today!

The current operators of Cowart Insurance Agency are the third generation of insurance specialists in the family, and our company has been protecting the assets of residents and business owners in the Central Florida area for many years.  If you’re a resident of Orange City, Deltona, Deleon Springs or the surrounding Volusia County areas, our office is conveniently located just off of SR-15A, and we’d be happy to meet with you in our office or speak to you over the phone about your insurance requirements.