Cowart Insurance Agency: Reasons to Purchase Rental Insurance

If you are renting out a home, room or apartment, you need a rental insurance policy to cover your belongings. A renter's insurance policy is the responsibility of the tenant to seek out a plan that suits them and pay for it. Unfortunately for many renters, disaster can strike and they're left without a policy to compensate for their losses.

Especially in Florida, where we have humid months, strong winds and rains, and chances of fire in drier seasons–it's important renters consider purchasing an insurance policy in case their belongings should be damaged in any way.

Here are some additional reasons why you should purchase rental insurance:

1. It covers loss to a renter's personal property: this includes clothes, jewelry, computers, furniture, electronics, art, and more. These items add up and in the event of a loss, you will want some protection against any damage caused.

2. It's affordable and many landlords require it. Renters insurance is an affordable expense to pay for the coverage of your belongings, and often landlords even require tenants to have rental insurance.

3.It covers theft, electrical blowouts and many other causes of loss: Damage can be considered theft, explosion, damage caused by aircraft or automobiles, weather damage and more.

4. You're covered when you travel. If you travel and your belongings are stolen or damaged in any way, you still have coverage and the right to obtain replacements under your policy.

5. Peace of mind. Peace of mind in invaluable. Your electronics, jewelry, clothes, and other items add up to quite a lot. And you rely on many of them for more than decorative enjoyment­–for some (computer, etc.), your job might even depend on them being in working order. With renters insurance, if something should happen to these belongings, you're only expense is the time it takes to shop for replacements.

Renters insurance is a very important consideration for tenants, especially in Florida. Cowart Insurance Agency can provide you with the guidance you need to determine a rental insurance policy that fits with your lifestyle, budget and list of possessions.

Contact us today to get started, there's no time to lose when it comes to insuring your most expensive, prized possessions.