Protecting Your Most Important Investment: Cowart Insurance Provides Homeowner’s Insurance for New Home Buyers in Deltona and Volusia County

Purchasing a home is a huge step. Settling into that home and feeling safe and at peace, that's an even bigger one. Unfortunately, severe weather and other factors can put a person’s loftiest dreams on hold, while their insurance provider figures out if their home is covered or not. Cowart Insurance offers comprehensive homeowner's insurance to residents of Deltona and elsewhere in Volusia County.

Florida weather enjoys a reputation for sun and fun, but hurricanes and tornadoes are no joke. Florida has some of the highest rates of occurrence in the nation for both hurricanes and tornadoes, which can make insuring your home complicated.

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Dangerous Waters: How Loopholes in Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Can Leave You Feeling Stranded

Homeowner’s Insurance reform hit the Sunshine State in 2004 after a series of severe storms laid waste to large tracts of residential housing. Providers rolled back much of their coverage, and many homeowners were left without a leg to stand on when it came time to collect damages suffered.

Today, providers insure different types of damage in different ways—and not knowing the specifics of your policy may leave you blowing in the wind with your insurance company.

Specific forms of damage like water or wind can affect the amount of reparations you receive, and outside factors such as your home’s age and occupation history may give insurance companies the loopholes they look for in trying to pay out the minimum amount possible.

Collateral damage from flying debris and failing infrastructure are other sources of potential damage to your home that may not be covered under your policy.

In many cases, providers offer independent clients a “one-size-fits-all” policy that may work just fine in Ohio or Nebraska, but be completely unprepared to deal with the unique challenges Florida weather poses every day.

A Safe Haven in the Storm: How Independent Insurance Agents Can Help You Plug the Holes in Your Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

At Cowart Insurance Agency, our reps are dedicated to knowing the Florida homeowner’s insurance system inside and out, so whether you’re in Deltona, DeBary, DeLand or elsewhere in Volusia, you can rest easy knowing that the most valuable investment in your life is protected in case stormy weather comes your way.

Our representatives will work with you to make sure that you find a package of affordable coverage options, specifically tailored to your budget and your location. Call us today at 386.748.0368 to find out exactly what options work for you.