Auto Insurance Rewards Cautious Driving Records in Orange City

Auto insurance is required by Florida law, yet the Sunshine State retains one of the highest percentages of drivers without this essential service—so what happens when you run into one of these uninsured people? Worse yet, what happens when they run into you?

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Getting into an accident with an uninsured driver can be a nightmare, in Orange City or elsewhere in Volusia County. Like it says above, Florida law requires at least minimum coverage in order to be eligible for a license plate and registration.

A Loosened Noose: Loopholes in Auto Insurance Legislation

Unfortunately, there are many ways around the law—otherwise, how would all these people be getting away with it? Vehicles registered in other people’s names (or in other states), expired tags, and simply running away are viable options for people who don’t feel the need to follow the law.

Enforcing a Flawed System—How Not Having Insurance Hurts You

Being the victim of a hit and run is no fun, and it’s even worse if you’re not covered yourself. In addition to footing the bill for repair costs (which on newer cars can be ASTOUNDING), you can also expect a ticket from the cop who showed up on scene 2 minutes too late—and he might even take your license, too.

“If you want to hit a home run, the most important thing is to make sure you cover all your bases.”

Having the right coverage can prevent these headaches. A good insurance policy from a quality agency will be tailored to meet your specific vehicle and budget, ensuring that your policy is responsive to any accident.

The Best Pinch Hitter Ever: Insurance Agents Stepping to the Plate for Their Clients

Cowart Insurance Agency’s professional team of licensed insurance brokers are dedicated to providing Orange City and the rest of Volusia County with the best in auto insurance. Cowart is a private agency, which lets us put your interests before those of the giant insurance companies. On your way home today, think about it: If someone hit my car right now, would I be protected? The answer may surprise you.

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