Life Insurance

Don’t risk acquiring life insurance from any one agency before you have the chance to compare multiple quotes and options from a number of life insurance providers through an independent firm.

Our agents here at Cowart Insurance in DeLand, Florida are here to find a policy that works for you, and they’re not bound to any one provider. That way you can see your range of options all from one, independent life insurance counselor before you make a very, very important decision on what policy to go with.

You should also fully understand what Florida’s life insurance options entail. Here are the different types of life insurance at a glance:

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance at its most simple level. The insured purchases coverage for a certain price that covers an allotted period of time. Without an investment element, if the insured dies during the selected time period, the beneficiary gets the value of the term policy. 

Whole Life Insurance

Just like it sounds, a whole life insurance policy is much like term life insurance, except it covers your entire life span once the policy is in place. Premiums generally stay the same throughout the policy.

Universal Life Insurance

A universal policy basically gives more flexibility to the insured than a whole life insurance policy. It allows the policyholder to make more adjustments to premiums and even engage a savings portion that can be used to make future premiums.

Personal Umbrella Liability

Personal umbrella policies provide excess coverage, extending far beyond the deductibles and general liability protection in a standard insurance policy. If you have serious assets, you should consider discussing a personal umbrella liability insurance policy with one of our insurance advisors.

The current operators of Cowart Insurance Agency are the third generation of insurance specialists in the family, and our company has been protecting the assets of residents and business owners in the Central Florida area for many years.  If you’re a resident of Orange City, Deltona, Deleon Springs or the surrounding Volusia County areas, our office is conveniently located just off of SR-15A, and we’d be happy to meet with you in our office or speak to you over the phone about your insurance requirements.

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